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Alexandrian Women

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caudelac @ 12:54 pm: notes in the margins.
I finished it, but wanted to make the following comment about Old School the now:

I had just got to page 93 when I noticed the corner of that page was turned down, and the following underlined:

"Unacknowledged shame enters the world as anger."

I do not remember doing so, but it probably is something I would mark. I was anyway amused by the idea of leaving forgotten messages to myself like that from a near-month ago! Unless someone else left it for me, as I did buy the book used.

Also: This book is seriously fucking with my desire to hate Hemingway.

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Date:July 18th, 2006 02:44 pm (UTC)
I love finding highlighted passages in used books -- it's fascinating what strikes people. One of my most beloved books is a very used edition of A Natural History of the Senses which has commentary and notes from about five different readers. Its a treat to thumb through.

This was a wildly good book -- the Ayn Rand section affirmed my hatred for her. :)
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